How can London improve its buses?

March 13, 2008

Heena’s blog is on the buses in Harrow. She’s already got a bit of a debate going about kids jumping on the bus through the back doors and not paying, including some input from a bus driver who’s sick of it. Now the blog is hosting a poll at the bottom, asking how we think London’s buses can be improved, so have a look and cast your vote…


Sweatshop Blog

March 13, 2008


Stefan Marseglia’s blog highlights the issue of sweatshops and child labour. His latest post concentrates on The Ethical Trading Initiative, with a handy Q+A for people like me who’ve never heard of the project.

The blog is an interesting, thought provoking read, especailly for those who shop in places like Primark without giving a second thought to how their prices can be so low.

The Long Blondes on the music industry

March 13, 2008

Nothing like a good bit of shameless self-promotion eh….

In my latest post (and third post, poor show…) I speak to the Long Blondes about their take on the future of the music industry. Sadly they were a little bit more laid back than I would have expected but it’s still quite an interesting read. Maybe this whole music industry “crisis” is a big fuss over nothing?

Junk Mail rants some more

March 13, 2008

With the word “reporter” in his name, Rory Porter was obviously born to be a journalist. But rather than using his powers for good, he’s exercising his inner evil, with a blog that points and laughs at the ludicrous musings of Daily Mail columnists. In it’s latest blog, Junk Mail sticks it’s teeth into the rubber-faced Andrew Alexander. With a left-wing standpoint and pissed-off tone, Junk Mail is a intelligent, witty and informative read.

No smoke without fire

March 13, 2008

fag ends

Pia Walter has been lighting up a debate on the smoking ban. In her latest post she blogs about the couple facing a £2,500 for allowing punters to spark up in their pub. They claim that the smoking ban is a “blatant infringement of civil liberties.”

Malcolm X, hair today

March 10, 2008


City Blogger Suzette Annan of Black Hair Politics, has proved herself to be a cut above with her recent post on the controversial black civil rights leader, Malcom X.

Her post has cleverly shown the connection between the afro hairstyle and the way in which black people have found the confidence to stand up and be proud of their origins. In this day this doesn’t seem as much of a surprise to us, however Suzette has strongly captured the essence of time in her article and takes the reader back to 1960s. [image above, found of flickr]

By Rema Gouyez

City Internet Class Bloggers

March 3, 2008

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