State of play, no change at the top

Here’s the current state of play, taken at 5pm on wednesday April 02. Congratulations to Mandy and Too Rude You Tube for not just reaching the top, but staying there. The most surprising thing is the sudden rise of Heena Tailor and her Radio Northwick Park blog. After a late start Heena is now challenging for top place. Dinara Saruar and her UNOFFICIAL blog covering local MP Emily Thornberry is another rising star and one that has already come under the scrutiny of parliament and survived.

What’s frustrating is some of the blogs that started so well, Suzette Annan and Sumit Wadhia to single out but two, are falling behind. I think you will see if you click through to their respective traffic score pages, that sudden bursts of inspiration and energy are succeeded by long periods of inaction (although they are both doing well overall and i have every confidence that they have the ability to turn it around). The really good blogs, those at the top of the list, have managed to find the trick of sustaining that energy and concentration across a period of time. That, I think, is the key to any successful project – Sean

1. Mandy Cohen with Too Rude You Tube: 610
2. Heena Tailor with Radio Northwick Park: 544
3. Stefan Marseglia with Shops ’til they drop: 541
4. Natasha Culzac with Fair Trade London: 525
5. Pia Walter with Put your fags out: 521
6. Dinara Saruar with The Unofficial Emily Thornberry blog: 458
7. Shiba Babamiri Recycling … Is it our Duty: 437
8. Jay Bains with Facial Discrimination: 431
9. Meliha Hayat with Zero to Hero: 387
10. Sumit Wadhia with It is happening: 352

11. Rebecca Williams with Cardboard City:352
12. Alice Wagstaffe with The future of the music industry: 348
13. Jemelyn Yadao with Death Behind the Headlines: 321
14. Bjørn-Ruben Thomassen with Paparazzi Craze: 293
15.  Alisha Haridasani  with Can corporations buy you happiness: 287
16. Heena Valji with Harrow Bus Mania: 265
17. Suzette Annan with Black hair politics: 228
18. Monira Begum with Is Islam fair?: 212
19. Tony McNulty unveiled: 159
20: Rema with Cub critic: 159

21: Maryam Aghili with Hounslow crime: 142
22. Alisha with Food shortage crisis: 157
24. La Vie en Green: 156
23. Seher Mahmood with Islamic schools in Britain: 137
25: Andreas Batatota with The Battle to save Chase Farm: 108
26: Andreas with Great Ormond Street Hospital: 94
27: Jayne Og with T5 Launch: 74

28. Gette with Headphones on the Bus: N/A (unclassified)
=. Omar with Jacquilait’s Weblog: N/A
=. Rory Porter with Junk Mail
=. Mahta Hassanzadeh with Musical violence: N/A
=. James Randall with View from the Armchair: N/A
=. Dilan with Traffic Jam: N/A


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