How to attract people to your site

There is no simple answer to this. No one thing you can do that is guaranteed to work. Each of you is different, each of you blog on a different subject; each of you has different needs.

But if you think hard about it and are willing to experiment a little you will find a way to attract people to your work. The first lesson is be prepared. You must have something to offer people before you reach out. Keep your content fresh and relevant and people will come back to you time and time again.

But how do you let people know that the content is there? Here are a few starters.

1. Social bookmarks (definition

del.ici.ous [recommended]
Yahoo! Bookmarks
Google Bookmarks

2. Open new sites
Oh My News!

3. Web communities

4. Directories
The open directory [highly recommended]
Link Directory

5. Aggregate sites/meta-blogs
Metafilter Projects [highly recommended, but charges £5 subscription, perhaps you could club together?]

6. Other

* I cannot vouch for all of these sites, I honestly haven’t tried all of them. Could you try a few and see which ones work for you. Both Google and Wikipedia are excellent at explaining what each does, just type in the name if you want to know more.

* Could you also all use the comment field (below) to share your experiences too? And add any other suggestions not already on this list? – Sean


3 Responses to “How to attract people to your site”

  1. seandodson Says:

    OK, to kick you off. Two questions:

    1. To those who have already attracted 200+ visits to your site: how did you do it? Is there anything you can share with the rest of us?

    2. What else should be added to the list above?


  2. Rema Says:

    Hey Sean, how do sites like work? ive registered but im not sure how to get my site up on there or what it does?

  3. thecitybloggers Says:

    Once you’ve registered for sites like del.ici.ous or the open directory etc, you create a link back to your site.

    Every day the big search engines like google and yahoo send out little programmes, often called “spiders”, to index new content on the world wide web (there’s a basic explanation here).

    The spiders will never find you, unless you create links on other sites. But if you create lots of links on other sites, the spiders will find you. Once they have, you will then be part of the search engines index.

    Once that happens, people can then find you when they use search engines. Allowing you to build an audience for your blog.

    – Sean

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