State of play

First of all thanks to Alice and Rema for helping maintain this blog. Now that most of our projects are up and running, I thought it might be useful to look at how well we are doing. Here’s a snapshot of visits to our respective blogs taken on Sunday March 16. I’ve just listed the top 12 (or those with 100 visits or more). Congratulations to those that have made it to the list. During next week I will send you guidelines on how all of you can try to drive more “traffic” to your blogs – Sean

1. Mandy Cohen with Too Rude You Tube: 428

2. Sumit Wadhia with It is happening: 283

3. Stefan Marseglia with Shops ’til they drop: 248

4. Meliha Hayat with Zero to Hero: 232

5. Pia Walter with Put your fags out: 228

6. Jemelyn Yadao with Death Behind the Headlines: 199

7. Natasha Culzac with Fair Trade London: 175

8. Suzette Annan with Black Hair Politics: 140

9. Alice Wagstaffe with The future of the music industry: 139

=. Alisha Haridasani with Can corporations buy your happiness?: 139

11. Monira begum with Is Islam fair: 110

= Not Tony McNulty with Tony McNulty: 110

* Of the blogs that have made it on here, there is still no official web counter for Cub Critic, Facial Discrimination Harrow Bus, Headphones on the Bus, Hounslow Crime, Islamic Schools, Junk Mail, Radio Northwick, T5 Launch or The View from the Armchair


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